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Birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool is a cultural mecca, brimming with activities for residents and visitors alike. Once built on the back of an impressive maritime industry, this coastal city now favours music and football as its two great pastimes.

With more listed buildings than any UK city outside of London, Liverpool is fast becoming a destination city, with the impressive Albert Docks drawing admirers from across the globe.

Free Things to Do in Liverpool

Strapped for cash and want a free day out? Luckily Liverpool is brimming with budget-conscious options for those seeking a fun day without the frills. Check out these free things to do for a few ideas: Come face to face with a dinosaur Take a stroll through history at...

A Brief History of Liverpool’s Albert Docks

The days when mighty sailing ships chugged into harbour laden with wares may be a distant memory, but regeneration has kept the lofty colonnades of Albert Docks at the heart of Liverpool's bustling city atmosphere.  Albert Dock: The Beginning First opened in 1846,...

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