Best Places for Whisky in Aberdeen

Dec 21, 2017

It’s no secret that whisky holds a special place in the heart of every Scotsman. Being the nation’s favourite spirit means there are a fair few pubs across the land dedicated to exhibiting the drink in the best light. There are plenty of places for whisky in Aberdeen.

Here are our favourite Granite City hotspots for the good stuff:

St.Machar Bar

Taking pride and place in the heart of Old Aberdeen, “The Machar” boasts over 140 malt whiskies for you aficionados to work through.

Part of the Adams Family of pubs (not that one), this cosy Scottish pub is popular with the city’s student crowd, owing to its close proximity to the uni.

The grub is great, though your chips are likely to arrive in a flower pot. Still, it’s the whisky we’re here for, and there is plenty of it to taste.

97 High St, Aberdeen AB24 3EN (stmacharbar)

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The Illicit Still

The Illicit Still’s is as atmospheric as they come. Gothic interiors and a name that harks back to the days of illegal, underground distilling make this a broody pub with plenty of character.

With a name derived from whisky production, it’s no surprise that these guys know a thing or two about the spirit, and you’ll find a good selection of drams to sample at this local boozer.

Guestrow, Aberdeen AB10 1AU (illicit-still)

The Grill

Allegedly the best whisky bar in Scotland according to some. High praise breeds high expectations, but The Grill doesn’t disappoint by any stretch.

Dram fans will find themselves with an eye-watering 600+ whiskies to work through from across the globe.

With a history stretching back to 1870, this proper Scottish pub leaves quite the impression.

213 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6BA (thegrillaberdeen)

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Not whisky cask, but “Cigars, Ale, Scotch, Coffee”, and quite frankly what more do you need?

Over 200 types of whisky adorn the walls at this buzzing bar, and you can order yourself a tasting menu to sample the best of the best.

Real whisky fans are these lot, with CASC often putting on themed evenings and festivals dedicated to Scotland’s favourite drink.

7 Stirling St, Aberdeen AB11 6ND (cascbar)

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The Tippling House

A cocktail bar by trade, and award-winning at that, The Tippling House is still a good place to sample a whisky or two.

You can grab yourself a food and whisky tasting menu, or simply pop in for a few whisky-based cocktails and quiet chat.

4 Belmont St, Aberdeen AB10 1JE (thetipplinghouse)

The Aberdeen Whisky Shop

A shop rather than a bar, so don’t expect to pull up a chair in this joint. That said, The Aberdeen Whisky Shop is still, naturally, one of the best places for whisky in Aberdeen.

Tucked away in the city centre, this little independent has an almighty stock range of over 1000 spirits, many of which are whiskies.

You’ll be able to find blends from across the globe here, so no matter your favourite, you’ll likely find it in the Shop.

474 Union St, Aberdeen AB10 1TS (aberdeenwhiskyshop)

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