Free Things To Do In Aberdeen

Aug 7, 2018

Aberdeen is fast gaining ground as a 21st-century tourism magnet. A combination of stunning architecture and vibrant culture have turned this old port city into something of a “place-to-be”.

With all that in mind, here are a few things you can do for nowt in the Granite City:

Step back in time to a medieval fishing village

The industrious ports and granite buildings that Aberdeen is famous for are hiding a very pretty surprise in their midst.

The quaint cottages and twisting alleys of Footdee fishing village seem far removed from the cityscape that surrounds it.

Take a wander in the woods at Johnston Gardens

Spot a dolphin

The Torry Battery overlooks Aberdeen’s greywater harbour, and if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to spot a pod of dolphins frolicking around in the waters of the bay.

There are regular boat trips departing the harbour in search of a rare glimpse of the animals, but you can do it all for free from atop this old WWII gun barracks.

Get the best views of Aberdeen from a WWII battery

Speaking of which, Torry Battery also offers some of the best views of the Aberdeen skyline around.

Looming over the city’s bustling harbour since the mid-19th century, the Battery was manned as a defensive point during both World Wars.

These days, the only shooting done at the top of the mount is for Instagram likes.

Explore the architecture of Old Aberdeen

Home to the oldest bridge in Scotland (supposedly) and a pair of towers that look straight out of Disneyland, Old Aberdeen is an underappreciated gem of architectural wonders.

You don’t even have to be into your buildings to appreciate the mystical atmosphere of this ancient part of the Granite City.

Pack a lunch for Seaton Park

The impressive Seaton Park is the perfect place to escape the buzz of the city centre.

With the River Don quietly skirting the edge, and plenty of greenspaces on which to throw down a blanket, locals flock to the park en masse on that one day when Aberdeen’s summer season turns up.

Visit one of the Port City’s museums

Get to grips with one of Scotland’s most notorious prisons or explore the works of Gilbert and George at one of the Granite City’s range of museums and art galleries.

Admission is usually free (the occasional exhibition may cost a few bob), with all providing an interesting way to spend a few free hours on the weekend.

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