Secret Spots in Aberdeen

Mar 9, 2018

You may think you’ve seen it all in the Granite City, from the Aberdeen Rowie to the city’s resident dolphins, but there is plenty tucked away on these Scottish streets just waiting to be discovered.  Here are some of our favourite secret spots in Aberdeen.

Donmouth Local Nature Reserve

Unsurprisingly, the mouth of the Don. It is here that the mighty river meets the icy waters of the North Sea.

As such, the place is a haven for local wildlife and the rolling dunes and riverside pathways are great for a weekend stroll.

The area is famous for its seals and local sea-birds, and the walk also crosses the famous Brig ‘o Balgownie, the original bridge into the north of the city.

Footdee Former Fishing Village

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The industrious ports and granite buildings that Aberdeen are famous for are hiding a very pretty surprise in their midst.

The quaint cottages and twisting alleys of this old fishing village seem far removed from the cityscape that surrounds it.

The Piper Alpha Window, Ferryhill Church

The 1988 Piper Alpha oil rig explosion was one of the costliest man-made disasters in history, resulting in £1.7bn in damages and the loss of 167 crew members.

The oil rig, 120 miles north of Aberdeen caught fire one July morning after a series of errors led to an explosion at the drill site.

At Ferryhill Church is a beautiful memorial to the dead, in the form of an impressive stained glass window by local artist Jennifer Jane Bayliss.

A Titanic Grave

In an unassuming cemetery in Aberdeen’s Erroll Street lies one Robert Hichens. Hichens died aged 58, in the summer of 1940 but the late Hichens is most well known for being the sailor at the wheel of the Titanic as it struck the iceberg that would fatally sink it as it crossed the Atlantic in 1812.

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