Free Things to Do in Birmingham

Aug 9, 2018

Still waiting for payday to land? You don’t have to be a social hermit in Birmingham just because money is tight this month. There is plenty to get up to without spending a penny.

Here are some awesome free things to do in Birmingham:

Get a budget tour of Middle-Earth

Don’t have a few grand in the bank to jump on the next flight to New Zealand? Never fear, because you can get your own Lord of the Rings themed tour, right here in humble Brum.

J.R.R. Tolkien grew up in the area and a lot of the countryside around the city inspired the author whilst he penned the classic novel series.

Be sure to visit Sarehole Mill for your very own budget-friendly journey into Hobbiton.

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Pop down the MAC

Exhibition space, cinema, performance stage, and part-time indoor market, the MAC is Birmingham’s jack of all trades.

Tucked away in Cannon Hill Park, the iconic waterside building hosts regular events and performances of all manner (some are paid, but exhibitions are often free) throughout the calendar year.

Check out what’s coming up and catch an art showing or two.

Explore B’ham’s marvellous museums

Ever mused on the history of the fountain pen? Well, muse no more; instead, take a trip to Birmingham’s Pen Museum and discover the city’s pen-making history for yourself.

Or perhaps swinging by the Coffin Works is more your thing? Here, you can explore the process of designing coffee interiors at one of Brum’s oldest established factories.


Come face to face with prehistoric monsters

The Museum of Geology is home to an array of flora and fauna from a bygone age.

From fearsome Allosaurs and pterosaur fossils to giant spiders and sparkling minerals – there is plenty to discover in the Uni of Birmingham’s impressive collection.

What’s more? It’s all free!

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Picnic in the park

Birmingham has plenty of green spaces and public parks in which to escape the hubbub of city centre life.

Head a few miles north and you can find yourself in Sutton Park, one of Europe’s largest urban parks. It’s so big that the parkland features seven lakes and its own resident herd of semi-wild ponies.

Why not pack a picnic and head down to Cannon Hill? The inner city park is a great spot to pop down a blanket and catch a few rays during the famous British summer.

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Join a free tour of the city

Fancy learning a bit more about Birmingham’s rich history?

Then head to Victoria Square over the summer months (Saturday, 10.30AM) and join a totally free walking tour of the city centre.

Donations are, of course, appreciated and the fantastic team behind the guided walks are fully deserving of a little something at the end of the exploration.

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Get in touch with your inner art critic

Ponder the meaning behind portraits or study the hidden messages in a particular sculpture at one of the city’s many art galleries and exhibition spaces.

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts has one of the most impressive and varied collections of art in the country, housing the likes of van Gogh, Schiele, Monet and Rodin.

If you prefer your art with more of a hipster twist, swing by the Ikon Gallery and browse the varied exhibitions, ranging from photography to graphic design.

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