Bristol’s Craziest Urban Legends

Mar 9, 2018

The city of Bristol is an eclectic mishmash of music and art, culture and history. All these ingredients make for some cracking stories and, yes, a fair few weird and wacky urban legends.

Get yourselves comfortable, and get ready to hear some of Bristol’s craziest urban legends…

Something wicked this way comes

Crocodile of Bristol's waterways? An urban legend says so!

Nearly every city has a tale about an escaped wild animal and Bristol is no different. The sewers and waterways of this western city are supposedly stalked by a crocodile.

The reptilian terror is the stuff of local legend, despite being rather elusive, and even has his own Twitter account.

Hear that?

If being terrorised by crocodiles wasn’t enough, some folk in Bristol have had their ears plagued for years by a mysterious and untraceable hum.

The low-level frequencies noise has been reported by hundreds of residents and visitors alike over the decades; but despite researchers best efforts, tracing the noise has proven problematic.

The finger has been pointed in many directions over the years; from faulty electricity pylons, to tinnitus, to plain old Earth tectonics.

The legend of the Bristol Zoo Car Park

The mysterious parking attendant at Bristol Zoo - an urban legend!

Now this one has proven to be false, but not before the story became the stuff of local legend.

As it goes, folks turning up for a day at Bristol’s Zoo would pay parking to the friendly attendant who had worked the same job for nigh on 23 years.

Only Bristol Zoo had no record of the man, in fact as far the Zoo were concerned, he didn’t exist.

One day, the mysterious man vanished without a trace, probably retiring to the Maldives with his pocketed millions.

Of course, there was never any truth to the tale though as Bristol Zoo employ multiple attendants across their car parks all of whom would have likely encountered an odd bloke asking for change for 23 years.

Want any skin with that pint?

Snacking on some crispy pig skin with your pint is a great British pasttime (a little gross if you think about it) but at one of Bristol’s oldest pubs you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking twice when you hear this old wive’s tale.

The Hatchett pub is one of the city’s oldest, having first opened its doors way back in 1606. Local legend stipulates that the front door was once made of human skin and that were you to remove the fresh paint job you’d still find it all there.

Get that in your crackling!

The Bristol Alien

The Bristol alien? Nope - just a hoax!

Every city has its fair share of crazy residents but none quite like this guy.

Bristolians were left in shock and awe after what appeared to be a visitor from another planet was spotted floating in the city’s waterways in 2013.

Glowing green and looking rather alien-like in appearance, the swimming ET turned out to be a prank by TV channel, Watch.

All Photos: Shutterstock

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