Free Things To Do In Bristol

Aug 23, 2018

Stumped for what to do this weekend? Summer holidays coming up and no plans?

Check out these free things to do in Bristol for a fun afternoon without spending a penny:

Take a street art tour

Bristol is a street art city. You can’t walk anywhere without being greeted by a sprayed-on stencil or watched by a giant seagull painted on a wall (seriously).

Banksy, the most famous figure in world street art, is a Bristol native and you can spot some of his works in and around the city.

So, head out for your own exploration of the city centre and see which works you can spot on your travels.

From nature docs to human skin

Did you konw that BBC Bristol produces an astonishing 25% of the world’s nature documentaries?

Discover this and more at the delightfully named M Shed; an interactive museum dedicated to the history of this great city.

From Bristol’s place in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, to a book bound in the skin of a convicted murderer, there is plenty to see and do at this popular museum.

Explore your inner art critic at the Arnolfini

Head to the Arnolfini to muse over art old and new from across the globe.

Bristol’s premier art gallery and exhibition space, the iconic building sits on the waterside in the city’s trendy harbour area.

Art isn’t the only slice of culture to get your teeth into, though, with the three floors of Arnolfini often given up to music and dance events, poetry readings, lectures and cinema screenings.

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Get greenfingered at the Windmill Hill City Farm

Hang out with the animals and wander around the gardens at Bedminster’s Windmill Hill City Farm.

There’s a regular calendar of paid-for events and courses to take up, but you can visit the farm for free (donations are appreciated).

Learn a thing or two about where our food comes from, and make some furry friends whilst you’re at it.

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Visit Brunel’s bridge

The symbol of Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge spans 412m across the River Avon.

Completed in 1864 and designed by the celebrated Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the bridge is arguably amongst the UK’s most recognisable landmarks.

The first ever bungee jump was made from the bridge in the 1970s. However, you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy the impressive views this slice of local history provides.

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Hop aboard the boat to America

Jump aboard The Matthew for a free tour of the city’s harbour area.

This brilliant sailing ship is a reconstruction of the 15th-century vessel used by the explorer John Cabot, who reached Newfoundland from Bristol in 1497.

Bristol’s trendy harbourside is best explored from the water, and Matty is the ideal means of doing so.

Pop into a Bristol museum

From Egyptian mummies to firefighting boats, there is plenty to discover at Bristol’s collection of museums and galleries.

The museum M Shed explores the history of the local area, whilst those looking for something even more ancient can come face to face with fearsome dinosaurs at the City Museum.

Here be giants!

The grounds of the 18th century Blaise Castle contain quite a secret: the footsteps of a giant.

The legend of the Bristolian giants Goram and Ghyston stretches back to the Middle Ages, with Goram said to have made the Castle estate his home.

Explore Big G’s old stomping ground, and measure up against his “footprints”. We reckon he was a size 30.

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