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Aug 27, 2017

Though Chester may be more synonymous with Roman history and wild animals, art and history lovers will find plenty to do within its walls. The wooden walkways and ancient streets of this city hide a thriving scene for arts and culture in Chester. 

There’s always something on in the city, with an extensive programme of unique events across the area.

Grab the popcorn and watch a movie, be awed at one of the local theatres, or muse over the interesting collections of art and exhibitions that Chester has to offer.


A city with such a rich history, it’s no surprise that Chester has a strong selection of museums themed around its long past and tales of yore.

The Grovesnor Museum is by far the largest and takes you on a journey to Chester’s days as a Roman fort.


The central exhibits provide a detailed insight into the time under the Roman Empire, as told through the variety of artefacts and archaeological finds from this period.

Not surprisingly, Storyhouse has a stellar range of production to choose from. Autumn and Spring months are given over to the UK’s top talent, with the biggest and best in the latest dramas, dance, opera and comedy rolling into town for an evening at the Storyhouse.

In Winter and Summer, things are a little more intimate but no less exciting. Local productions and up-and-coming talents are given the chance to show their stuff, as Storyhouse turns into a supporter of regional arts.

Nearby is the Grovesnor Park Open Air Theatre, unique outside of London. The 500-seater stage runs an extensive summer programme, meaning you can spend those long summer nights catching the latest and greatest productions and enjoying a little sun.

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