Get Ready for Godiva Festival 2019 (July 5-7)

May 30, 2019

For one summery weekend each year, the city of Coventry transforms into a gala of fun and festivities.

Now in its 21st year, the famous Godiva Festival returns bigger and better than ever, headlined by some of the leading names in music.

Just what is Godiva Fest?

These days, Godiva Festival is one of the largest 3-day music festivals around, but it wasn’t always this way.

Of course, the event in War Memorial Park is an ode to one of the city’s most iconic daughters; Lady Godiva.

Spawned from the ancient tradition of Coventry’s Godiva Procession, a ceremony whose origins can be traced back to 1678; the first three-day music festival first began 320 years later in 1998.

Hosted in the city’s War Memorial Park from August 31 – September 2, the three-day event is one of the largest family-oriented music extravaganzas on the calendar. To top it all off, it is entirely free.

It is more than a music festival too, with plenty of family-themed fun, from creative spaces and fairgrounds to performance theatre and a mini petting zoo.


From local artists to stadium fillers, pop music to urban hip-hop, there is plenty to dance to at Godiva Festival.

In a place with as much musical history as Coventry, it’s no surprise that music takes centre stage over the weekend with no less than five stages. Plenty of spots to get your groove on!


Friday night’s headline slot belongs to the Levellers’ unique brand of folk rock, which will be brought to the forefront on Godiva’s Main Stage. The famous Brighton-born band have recently celebrated 30 years together and their long career has brought them plenty of success over 11 studio albums.

From their 1995 number one album “Zeitgeist” to 14 top 40 singles and spending 38 weeks in the Top 100 for their classic album “Levelling the Land”, which received widespread critical acclaim, the band will soon add the Godiva Festival to their long list of festival performances.


Saturday’s headliners haven’t yet been announced, we’re afraid – watch this space for future updates, with news set to arrive in the coming weeks…


Busted will be taking to the stage as headliners on Sunday. The pop-rock trio, who boast two albums certified as triple platinum, have recently released a popular single, “Shipwrecked in Atlantis”, and will be sure to introduce more of their latest works in a set which will also include classic Top 10 hits like “Crashed the Wedding”, “Year 3000”, “Air Hostess”, and “What I Go To School For”.

Godiva Festival 2019

That’s not all folks…

The gang at Godiva Fest are great supporters of local talent and you can catch some of the best and brightest in established and upcoming local acts on the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire stage.

An extensive roster runs through the weekend with all manner of genres covered. Elsewhere, escape the crowds with something more intimate at the Microacoustic Stage.

Check out the full list of all activities here.

The finer details…

Where: War Memorial Park, Kenilworth Rd, Coventry CV3 6PT

When: July 5-7

Times: Friday July 5 – 6PM – 1030PM
            Saturday July 6 – 12PM – 1030PM
            Sunday July 7 – 12PM – 7PM

Entrance: Free

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