St George’s Day celebrations to kick off in Coventry

Mar 25, 2019

Celebrate St George’s Day in style this year with an action-packed afternoon in Coventry city centre.

Head to Broadgate in Coventry city centre on 23 April for a free programme of festivities in honour of England’s patron saint. 

There’ll be music, dancing, food, and a special appearance from St George and the dragon themselves. The event runs from 11AM until 3PM, and features fun for all ages. 


11AM – 1130AM – GreenMatthews/Blast From the Past 

Step back into medieval England with the aid of traditional musicians and historical folk artists.

1130AM – 12PM – St George and the Dragon appearance

12PM – 1230PM – Punch & Judy

1230PM – 1245PM – Coventry Morris Men

1245PM – 1315PM – GreenMatthews/Blast From the Past

1315PM – 1345PM – St George and the Dragon appearance

1345PM – 1415PM – Punch & Judy

1415PM – 1430PM – Coventry Morris Men

1435PM – 1500PM – St George and the Dragon appearance

1430 – 1500PM – GreenMatthews/Blast From the Past 

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