Best Burgers in Dublin

Mar 15, 2018

Everyone loves a good burger. Beef or otherwise. There’s just something pretty comforting about a burger, bread, and salad together.

Dublin is packed with local joints and grilling experts offering up some of the best tasting patties around. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of some of our favourite places to grab a burger in Dublin.


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Head on down to Dublin’s premier street food stop, the Eatyard Market, and grab yourself one of these hearty burgers.

You can pick up a no-fuss hamburger for about €9, or chuck in a few extra coins and add a variety of toppings, from classics like cheese and bacon to Mexican style additions.

Richmond Street, Dublin 2, County Dublin (boxburger)


One of the most popular joints in the city – no, scratch that, nation. Bunsen now has a number of little outlets across Northern Ireland and the Republic, but we’re focussing in on the one of Wexford Street in particular.

Super affordable, you don’t have to part with much less than a tenner for a double-stacked burger with all the trimmings.

Hearty, soulful and comfort food at its finest.

36 Wexford St, Dublin 2, D02 DY20 (bunsen)


A menu that changes every day, the only permanent fixtures on the Featherblade gig are the house steaks and smoked burger, and for good reason.

The beef is locally sourced from the 100% grass-fed stocks of FXBs and McLoughlins, and it’s one of the juiciest joints you’ll find around.

51 Dawson St, Dublin 2, Ireland (featherblade)

Beef Street

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With a name like Beef Street, you might not be surprised to find out these Dubliner know a thing or two about whipping up a good burger.

Kitted out in 1930s retro chic, this charming steakhouse is home to some wonderfully tasty meat cuts and some of the fattest burgers in Ireland.

All locally sourced, all of the Street’s burger patties are made up of 100% muscle meat, meaning you’re guaranteed great tasting quality over the standard ground mincemeat of a fast-food burger.

5 Balfe St, Dublin 2, Ireland (no site)

Farmer Brown’s Bath Avenue

Where the Deep South meets Ireland, if that was ever a thing. Farmer Browns is a mish-mash of world-renowned Irish meats and proper American-style burger prep.

Proabbly one of the costlier ventures on this here list, but you’re always guaranteed real bang for your buck at Farmer Brown’s.

You can pick up two 4oz patties loaded with cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, salad, and aioli for €15.

25A Bath Avenue, Beggars Bush, Dublin 4, Ireland (farmerbrowns)

The Workshop

Classic burgers at their very best are to be found at The Workshop. These guys craft mountains of meat and bread, meaning you’ll always be leaving full.

Unique little additions and splashing of interesting flavours really make tucking into one of these mouthfuls a delicious experience.

Looking for good burgers in Dublin? You can’t go wrong with an evening at The Workshop.

George’s Quay, Dublin, Ireland (theworkshopgastropub)

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