Free Things To Do In Dublin

Aug 17, 2018

Still waiting for payday to land? You don’t have to be a social hermit in Dublin just because money is tight this month. There is plenty to get up to without spending a cent.

Here are some awesome free things to do in Dublin:

Read some of the world’s oldest books

A former European Museum of the Year winner, the Chester Beatty Library is more than just a collection of books.

The ancient collection, which rubs shoulders with Dublin’s imposing Castle, contains some of the rarest and oldest manuscripts in the world.

There are a few ancient Egyptian love songs scrawled on papyrus, and a 3rd-century Greek copy of the Gospel of Luke.

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Kick back in an Irish desert

Like a mini-desert in the heart of sunny old Dublin, the greenhouses of the National Botanic Garden are home to all manner of cacti and tropical orchids from warmer climes.

Not only are the Gardens beautifully landscaped, the indoor greenhouses are also a fairly warm place to escape those chilly Irish winters when you’re out and about in the city.

Wander around the ‘Dead Zoo’

Dublin’s ‘Dead Zoo’ is something of a local legend. The Museum of Natural History first opened over 160 years ago as a means to exhibit exotic (dead) animals from across the globe to a shocked and awed Victorian public.

Not much has changed since opening day and the museum is still home to a wealth of taxidermy animals and fossils from across the planet.

Though you might not get much interaction, the free museum is still a great place to learn a thing or two about the natural world.

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Stretch those legs in one of Europe’s largest urban parks

Landscaped gardens, picnic lawns, the city zoo and the President’s residence: there’s a little bit of everything in Phoenix Park.

One of Europe’s largest urban gardens at 1750 acres, the Park has held motor races, marathons and state visits by the US President. A perfect place to while away a few hours.

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Don’t have any Monet?

See what we did there?! Dublin’s National Gallery has plenty of Claude Monet, and works by a variety of other well-known and local artists.

What’s more, the main galleries are all free, meaning you won’t have to part with any money to see Monet.

Did we exhaust that joke enough?

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Step back into the 13th century

“Dublin” comes from the Irish “Dubh Linn”, the name of the Black Pool that was once located on the grounds of the Castle Garden.

Formerly the site of the UK government’s administration in Ireland, this corner of boisterous Dublin has been dotted with fortifications since the 13th century.

Nowadays the Castle is less about defending this stretch of river and is instead one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

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Walk around Dublin’s own Silicon Valley

California’s Silicon Valley might just be the most expensive place to live on the planet these days. Dublin has its very own mini-version of the capital of the tech.

Thanks to a wonderfully low corporate tax rate, many of the leading companies in global tech call the city their European HQ and as such Dublin’s harbour area has become known as Silicon Docks.

The likes of Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Indeed, TripAdvisor, Amazon and LinkedIn all have residencies in Ireland’s take on the technology goldmine.

Admire an artist’s studio

Get an insight into the mind of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists down at the Hugh Lane Gallery.

The Francis Bacon exhibition includes an exact recreation of the Irish painter’s London studio, right down to the individual mounds of collected dust, moved over from his Kensington apartment.

There are over 7000 individual items, all of which have been placed as they were in Bacon’s original.

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