Best Museums in Glasgow

Mar 15, 2018

There’s plenty to satisfy any culture buff at Glasgow’s museums. Scotland’s largest city has a varied collection of exhibits and art spaces, history huts and science spaces.

With the best in the city being largely free, they represent the ideal options for a rainy weekend. Swing by these Scottish gems to scratch that culture craving itch:

People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

Delve a little into Glasgow’s own backstory with a wander around this less-frequented spot. Situated in the city’s oldest public park, the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens documents the history of this fair city from 1750 onwards.

The impressive glasshouse is a museum in itself, but inside is a rich collection painting a picture of life in the city over the centuries from Scottish slums to Industrial Revolution and right on until the modern day.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Glasgow’s biggest and best, the Kelvingrove has an almighty collection ranging from dinosaur bones and medieval weaponry to Spitfires and Salvador Dali.

First opened in 1901, Kelvingrove has grown into one of the most visited free attractions in the UK, sporting over 8000 artefacts.

An interactive wander through human history, and a stellar one at that.

Riverside Museum

Take a trip into Glasgow’s past at the recreated Victorian-era streets of the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel.

There’s everything from steam engines to bicycles here, as well as a scaled-model Tall Ship outback to explore.

The unique, zig-zagging heartbeat design of the Riverside Museum building itself makes for impressive viewing.

Provand’s Lordship

When you’ve done exploring human history, perhaps you’d like to learn a little about the city itself?

Provand’s Lordship, at the top of Castle Street, was first built as part of St Nicholas’ Hospital in 1471. Along with the Cathedral, it is one of few medieval buildings still standing in the Scottish city.

The interiors are designed to resemble the various eras of the house’s history and provide an interesting window into the British home in bygones past.

The Hunterian Museum

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Discover some more interesting aspects of human anatomy at Scotland’s oldest public museum.

The Hunterian Museum is home to a rich collection of anatomical oddities, as well as artefacts from ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.

Tucked away in the imposing neo-Gothic grounds of the University of Glasgow, the impressive collection is one of the largest to be found in Scotland.

The Scottish Football Museum

Just around the back of Glasgow’s footballing mecca, Hampden Park, is the Scottish Football Museum.

A charming little museum dedicated to Scotland’s footballing history (which may indeed seem odd).

There’s plenty to see and do inside, with displays including the oldest surviving ticket stub in the world, from an 1872 international match, and the 1873 Scottish Cup.

Of course, the main attraction might just be the locale, with the mighty Hampden Park setting up shop right next door to this historical collection.

House for an Art Lover

Not just for art lovers, this one, despite the title. House for an Art Lover is a vibrant mishmash of landscaped gardens and the architecture of celebrated local lad Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The House is built from original designs made by the 19th century architect and celebrates a style that has been copied across the globe.

The gardens are airy and colourful, the rooms light and intricate, and the whole experience makes for something a little different but no less enjoyable than a standard mooch around a museum.

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