Free Things to Do in Glasgow

Jan 5, 2018

Strapped for cash, or just looking to enjoy a wholesome day out without spending a penny? The Scottish city of Glasgow has you covered.

Climb the three-storeys of the world’s highest stairs

Okay, that’s world’s highest marble staircase, but still, quite a feat for Glasgow’s City Chambers considering the runner-up is in the Vatican.

The imposing headquarters of the City Council is one of Glasgow’s most recognisable landmarks.

As recognisable as they may be, not many know about the Italian Carrera marble staircase inside. Give it a go, might need a sweat towel though.

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Get a photo of the Traffic Cone Duke

Stop by the Duke of Wellington statue in Royal Exchange Square for a snap with this famous monument to Arthur Wellesley.

The statue has gained international fame for the Duke’s rather modern choice of headgear.

For years, a traffic cone has adorned Arthur’s noggin. The Council spent a reported £10,000 a year removing the cone, only for it to soon reappear again. They have since given up, leaving Arthur with his pointy hat forevermore.

Explore the inner-critic at the country’s most popular art gallery

Head past the coned Duke and you’ll be outside the Second City’s Gallery of Modern Art. GoMA, as it is known, is the most visited art gallery in Scotland, and for good measure.

Inside you’ll be able to get critical over works by some of the world’s most celebrated painters, including David Hockney and Andy Warhol.

Follow the footsteps of Hemingway and Orwell at La Pasionara

Scotland has many ties to the Spanish Civil War, many of the nation’s sons and daughters headed to Spanish shores to fight the Fascists alongside the famous authors Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell.

Swing by the statue La Pasionara to remember Scotland’s involvement, and those lost in the conflict.

Travel from Egypt to WWII at the Kelvingrove

Take a trip through history at Kelvingrove Park’s Museum and Gallery. From ancient Egyptian artefacts to WWII Spitfires; the Museum is an interactive wander through human history.

Just to make sure you get all the bang for that (free) buck, pop into the gallery section to view works by the likes of Van Gogh and Dali.

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Discover Glasgow’s own history at its oldest house

When you’ve done exploring human history, perhaps you’d like to learn a little about the city itself?

Provand’s Lordship, at the top of Castle Street, was first built as part of St Nicholas’ Hospital in 1471. Along with the Cathedral, it is one of few medieval building still standing in the Scottish city.

Wander the haunting grounds of the Necropolis

Heading past Glasgow Cathedral and keeping with the historical theme, be sure to visit the Victorian Necropolis.

A walk around this vast cemetery may seem a little on the darker side, but the 50,000 graves and many monuments from over the years make it an interesting window into the city’s past.

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Get some fresh air at the city’s gardens

Once you’ve finished with all that history, why not stretch your legs in one of the city’s beautiful gardens?

The Botanic Gardens are a wonderful place for an afternoon stroll, and the onsite glass-domed tropical houses are full of plants from warmer climes.

Or you could wander out into the country and visit the waterfall at the verdant Pollock Country Park.

View the weird and wacky at the Hunterian Museum

Not macabre enough for you? Discover some more interesting aspects of human anatomy at Scotland’s oldest public museum.

The Hunterian Museum is home to a rich collection of anatomical oddities, as well as artefacts from ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.

Wander Glasgow’s old streets at the Riverside Museum

Take a trip into Glasgow’s past at the recreated Victorian-era streets of the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel.

There’s everything from steam engines to bicycles here, as well as a scaled-model Tall Ship outback to explore.

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