Essential Live Music Venues in Soho

Jan 4, 2018

You’d be hard-pressed to not find some live music somewhere in Soho on any given night.

The ultra-trendy London suburb goes hand-in-hand with venues sporting all types of genres.

If you’re on the lookout for something live, head to one of these essential haunts:

The Borderline

You’ll find just about every genre catered for at The Borderline. It may not look like much, its entrance is hidden away down what appears to be a lorry-loading bay, but this bar is to Soho what the market is to Covent Garden.

There’s just the right amount of everything here depending on the night, from hip-hop to country and back to techno and beyond.

Orange Yard, Manette Street, Soho, W1D 4JB (

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Pizza Express Jazz Club

Pizza Express may not be a name synonymous with any form of live music, but we do things differently in Soho.

Located in the basement of the Soho branch of the popular pizza restaurant, this venue has played host to some of the biggest names in modern jazz music.

Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum and Amy Winehouse have all graced this basement bar over the years, so grab yourself a ticket and some Magharita and head on over.

10 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 3RW (pizzaexpressjazzclub)

Spice of Life

As Shakespeare once nearly said: “If music be the Spice of Life, play on”.

This unassuming pub has some of the best open mics and live acts in town, covering a wide array of genres.

SOL prides itself on unearthing the next local gem and you’ll find the stars of tomorrow from across London taking their first steps at this friendly boozer.

6 Moor Street, Soho, London, W1D 5NA (spiceoflifesoho)

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Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Ronnie Scott’s is one of the most established jazz clubs in the UK, if not the world. Such an institution is Ronnie’s, that the bar has it’s very own record label.

With a long history stretching back to the 1950’s, this silky speakeasy has played host to some of the most iconic names in show business.

Jeff Beck, Nina Simone, Chet Baker and Jamie Cullum are just a few of the folk to have had the pleasure of playing for the Ronnie Scott’s crowd over the years.

47 First Street, Soho, London, W1D 4HT (ronniescotts)

The Crobar

A self-titled “Bourbon, beer and rock bar”, and quite frankly, what else do you want from life?

Pretty cheap as things go, with a heavy rock theme. These guys also famously serve Jägermeister on tap.

If you want decent music without paying a week’s wage, hit The Crobar.

17 Manette Street, Soho, London, W1D 4AS (crobar)

100 Club

So, not technically in Soho, but it’s on the very edge of the border with Fitzrovia. The 100 Club, at 100 Oxford Street has a history stretching back to 1942.

With such longstanding experience in the business, you’d be right for saying these guys know their stuff.

Jazz, soul and classic R&B are the order of the day here, with the 100 Club often attracting the genre’s stellar names.

100 Oxford Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1D 1LL (the100club)

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