Secret Spots in Nottingham

Apr 11, 2018

The ancestral home of Robin Hood, Nottingham has its fair share of secrets and stories. Though most of Nottingham’s visitors come for tales of Sheriffs and Friars, the city has a few lesser-known spots that are worth checking out themselves.

Here are some must-see secret spots in Nottingham:

The Hangman’s Gallow

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Nottingham’s Church Cemetery is built on a former execution ground. Also known as Rock Cemetery, this ode to Nottingham’s Victoria deceased possesses an enthralling, if dark, past.

Like much of Nottingham, the cemetery grounds include a network of tunnels and caves. Descending level-by-level, these became mass graves for Nottingham’s poor, with some pits holding the bodies of as many as 20 deceased.

Robin Hood is said to have kept his trusted steeds here, amidst the nooks and crannies, hiding the horses away in the graveyard’s hidden cave network. On that note…

City of Caves

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Perhaps not so secret, but Nottingham’s underground cave network can lead to plenty of mystery and discovery.

Built under the Victorian streets of an ever-growing city, the cave network was originally used for industrial purposes beneath Nottingham’s markets and factories.

They soon found a use as much more, however; stories of which can be unearthed for yourself at Broadmarsh Centre’s City of Caves.

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

One of Nottingham’s more impressive caves, the Park Estate tunnel network stands apart from the rest of the city’s underground maze in that its walls contain etchings of various scenes.

The most famous of these is a depiction of the Biblical story “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”, though the myriad of caverns also includes carvings of plants, sphinxes, and other creatures of legend.

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