In the Area: Leigh-on-Sea

Feb 28, 2018

The old fishing town of Leigh-on-Sea is a popular destination for those fancying something a little quieter than Southend‘s summer beachfront.

Just a short distance from Southend, humble Leigh is tucked away on the northern side of the Thames Estuary.

Heralded as the cultural capital of the Borough, Leigh is a rich mix of arts, exhibitions and festivals blended in with buckets of seaside fun.

The former fishing port is centred around the bustling Broadway, where independent retailers and high street favourites rub shoulders with restaurants and bars serving all manner of cuisines.

The happiest place to live in the UK, according to a 2016 Rightmove survey, sunny Leigh has all the trimmings of a trip to the seaside, without the mad dash for a deck chair.


Old Leigh

Leigh has grown a lot since its days as a small fishing village, but this quaint heritage can still be explored in the Old Town area.

Unsurprisingly dubbed “Old Leigh”, the waterside area is a picture-perfect blend of bustling pubs, shops and fishing vessels.

Cockle sheds line the beachfront and much of the day’s catch can be sampled in the many cafes and restaurants in the area.

Leigh also boasts a vibrant cultural scene. The town is filled with art studios and ceramic workshops, with artists all-too-willing to showcase their talents.

A welcome escape from the Southend crowds, those looking for a quieter trip to the seaside shouldn’t look further than the short journey to Leigh.

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