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Loud and proud, Newcastle was forged during the Industrial Revolution as a centre of shipbuilding and heavy engineering. The Geordie nightlife is the stuff of legend, but buzzing bars and pounding bass isn’t all this iconic city has to offer.

Newcastle is awash with enough art and history to keep even the most discerning culture buff content, not to mention an impressive array of restaurants and bars for foodies. Top it all off with the famously friendly, welcoming demeanour of the locals, and 'the Toon' is truly a pleasure to explore.

The Must-Visit Proper Pubs in Newcastle

There's just something about settling in for a pint at a classic British boozer. Sometimes you've just got to ditch all the expensive cocktails and unpronounceable craft beers and order yourself a good old pint. These are some of the best traditional pubs in...

Free Things to Do in Newcastle

A Geordie night out is the stuff of legend. Newcastle's reputation for drinking dens is unrivalled across the nation. The city also has an abundance of interesting cultural experiences too. If you're looking for something decidedly easier on the wallet (and liver)...

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