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Forged during the Industrial Revolution as the Steel City, thanks to its innovations in the metal industry, Sheffield is a northern institution.

The adoptive home of indie music, with eclectic universities, and a modern art scene worthy of one of Britain’s most popular locations.

Essential Live Music Venues in Sheffield

The Steel City has an ever-growing music scene. Its reasonable size and wealth of students make it a popular venue for bands looking to make it big. Check out these classic venues for great live music in Sheffield: Blues Bar Ltd A midrange Caribbean restaurant by day,...

12″ Classics: Where to Find Vinyl in Sheffield

The rebirth of vinyl records has been gathering pace for years. Whether it's for the (supposedly) better sound quality, or the fancy artwork, the Steel City has a wealth of options when it comes to stocking up on 12" LPs. Here are some of the best places to find vinyl...

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