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Crowned by the stunning Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest inherited castle in the world and the Queen's favourite home, Windsor has a rich mix of culture, heritage, history and fun.

A Brief History of Windsor Castle

No visit to Windsor would be complete without exploring the striking battlements of Windsor Castle. The royal residence is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world, and has been a home to the monarchy for over 900 years. Part museum, part fully working...

Super Street Food Vendors in Windsor

Take a break from sightseeing around the Castle and refuel at some of these delicious pit-stops for street food in Windsor: Peru Sabor Making their way around Berkshire, Peru Sabor are a taste of South America in southern England. Translating as Peru Flavour, this...

Great Things to Do in Windsor and Maidenhead

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is home to some of the UK's premier tourist attractions.  Visitors from across the globe flock to explore the miniature world of LEGOLAND and the elegance of Windsor Castle. Alongside these favoured landmarks, there's also...

Brilliant Burgers: Where to Eat in Windsor & Maidenhead

The burger; humble, wholesome, the saviour of many a night out. The Royal Borough is positively stacked with local joints and grilling experts offering some of the best tasting patties around. These are some of our favourite pit-stops for burgers in Windsor and...

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