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Known as the ‘Granite City’ for its heritage in mining, Aberdeen is the modern hub of the North Sea oil industry. Scotland’s powerhouse port blends its rich background and modernity seamlessly as a city brimming with activities for residents and visitors alike.

4 Best Museums in Aberdeen

From scientific exploration to Scotland's most notorious prison, the Granite City sports an array of museums to while away a few hours in. Check out some of our favourites below - four of the very best museums in Aberdeen await the adventurous... The Tolbooth Museum...

A Brief History of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, the Granite City - a place of industry; synonymous with the belching fumes of oil drilling and a bustling port playing host to ships from across the globe. Tucked away on Scotland's eastern coast, Aberdeen bears the brunt of the North Sea weather, but don't...

Secret Spots in Aberdeen

You may think you've seen it all in the Granite City, from the Aberdeen Rowie to the city's resident dolphins, but there is plenty tucked away on these Scottish streets just waiting to be discovered.  Here are some of our favourite secret spots in Aberdeen. Donmouth...

A Brief History of Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle, the Scottish home of the Royal Family is famous for its sweeping Highland landscapes and impressive surroundings.  After many years of visiting locations around Scotland, the then Queen Victoria, and her husband Prince Albert resolved to purchase a...

Best Places for Whisky in Aberdeen

It's no secret that whisky holds a special place in the heart of every Scotsman. Being the nation's favourite spirit means there are a fair few pubs across the land dedicated to exhibiting the drink in the best light. There are plenty of places for whisky in Aberdeen....

Best Cheap Eats in Aberdeen

Cutting your cash needn't mean cutting out good food - not in the Granite City, at least. Dodge the pretentious cocktails and caviar, because you can pick up something filling for under a tenner with these cheap eats in Aberdeen: The Prince of Wales A traditional...

Cracking Places for Coffee in Aberdeen

The Granite City, Aberdeen, famous for beef, buildings and whisky. Scotland's third largest city is fast adding coffee to that list of cultural icons.  Here is a selection of the best coffee in Aberdeen in which to escape the busyness of the city centre: The Cult of...

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