Find things to do in Birmingham

Britain’s second largest city has risen from the ashes in recent years. After struggling economically throughout the 1980’s, and saddled for years with a concrete-block city centre, recent regeneration has transformed the heart of humble Brum.

There’s plenty to see and do here, and nowadays this mighty midlands city  is a cultural hotbed ideal for exploring.

Here are some of our favourite things to do in Birmingham:

A Brief History Of Birmingham

Bull Rings, Brummies and roads shaped like pasta; as the UK's second largest city Birmingham has a home in the nation's hearts. The Midlands city was once the capital of British industry and infrastructure, though the mighty Brum has more humble beginnings that...

Best Cheap Eats in Birmingham

Whether you're kicking off the weekend with a bit of nosh or keen for a quick bite on your work break, Birmingham has plenty of cracking spots to fill up for less. Grand Central Kitchen Something of a scrubbed up greasy spoon, Grand Central Kitchen is the place the...

10 Fascinating Facts about Birmingham

Friendly Birmingham, the UK's self-professed second city. Birthplace of the nation's favourite chocolates and short folk with rings. Here a few fascinating facts about humble Brum: England's very own Venice Fancy a trip on a gondola? Forget Venice, head to Brum....

Cracking Places for Coffee in Birmingham

Birmingham has gained fame for its canals, steel and chocolate over the years. More recently though, charming Brum is gaining quite a name in the coffee industry with plenty of shops and stores popping up across the city. Here are a few of the best places for coffee...

9 of the Best Museums in Birmingham

From Egyptians to Spitfires, these are the best museums in Birmingham: The Coffin Works Explore the art of coffin fittings at one of Birmingham's more macabre museums. The 19th century Newman Brothers Coffin Works was once an internationally recognised firm, producing...

Veggie & Vegan-Friendly Eateries in Birmingham

Eating out as a vegetarian can sometimes be a difficult experience. If it isn't the panicked expression on the face of the waiter working their second shift, it's the disappointed plate of salad that follows.  Luckily, in Birmingham, this is no longer the case. In...

Best Places for Craft Beer in Birmingham

Craft beer is everywhere right now. From the local boozer to the shelves of the corner shop, we're experiencing a beverage revolution on British shores. The streets of Birmingham are no different, with plenty of choice for craft beer enthusiasts to wet their whistle...

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