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The small capital city with a very big heart. History and hospitality on every cobbled street, Dublin is a bustling European city famed for its vibrancy, proper pubs - and of course, Guinness.

Full of charm, and plenty of fun – what Dublin lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character. The legendary warmth and friendliness of the locals has caused many a tourist to fall in love with the 'Fair City' of Ireland, its charming capital.

Here are our favourite things to do in Dublin:

Best Burgers in Dublin

Everyone loves a good burger. Beef or otherwise. There's just something pretty comforting about a burger, bread, and salad together. Dublin is packed with local joints and grilling experts offering up some of the best tasting patties around. With that in mind, we've...

Best Cheap Eats in Dublin

It can be quite the task to find decent bang for your buck when looking for some good grub. Scrimping on the pounds needn't also scrimping on quality, and luckily that's not a problem in Dublin. These are our favourite cheap eats in Dublin to fill up for a tenner at:...

Cracking Places for Coffee in Dublin

For those on the lookout for the non-alcoholic version of an Irish Coffee, Dublin has an array of independent and trendy coffeehouses in which to relax with a good cup of the black stuff. Here are a few of our favourite places for coffee in Dublin:  Kaph Slick, hip...

Best Pubs for a Pint of Guinness in Dublin

Getting the perfect pint of Guinness has become something of an artform across Ireland.  According to official rules, the glass must be held at a 45-degree angle, poured for 119 seconds and sport a 20mm head. Nowhere is that artform more revered than in the classic...

A Brief History of Dublin Castle

Dublin gets its name from a site on the Castle grounds, so it’s only natural that this 13th century landmark is one of the city’s most popular spots. Here's a brief history of Dublin Castle: “Dublin” comes from the Irish “Dubh Linn”, the name of the Black Pool that...

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