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Southend is home to the world’s longest pleasure pier at 1.34 miles, enviable sandy beaches, and all the fun of the fair. The beachfront resort is a popular summer venue for City folk and commuters alike, all keen for a classic British day at the seaside.

Southend also boasts a broad range of eclectic shops and classy restaurants, which have helped make it a popular local tourist destination. Southend has an unusual claim to fame as it redeveloped itself as the home of the Access credit card, as it was one of the UK's first electronic telephone exchanges.

Here are our favourite things to do in Southend:

In the Area: Leigh-on-Sea

The old fishing town of Leigh-on-Sea is a popular destination for those fancying something a little quieter than Southend's summer beachfront. Just a short distance from Southend, humble Leigh is tucked away on the northern side of the Thames Estuary. Heralded as the...

In The Area: Southend Pier

"The Pier is Southend, Southend is the Pier". At least, that was the thinking of celebrated English poet Sir John Betjeman. Southend Pier is the town's most feted landmark. A historical icon, the 1.34m Pier is the world's longest pleasure pier, stretching far out over...

Cracking Places for Coffee in Southend

Southend, famous for sand, sea and good-old fish 'n' chips. And now the seaside town is starting to get a bit of a reputation for a quality cup of coffee too. Swing by one of these charming coffeehouses when you're next on the hunt for a caffeine fix. Utopia Situated...

A Brief History of Southend

There's so much more to do and see beside the seaside. Southend-on-Sea is brimming with activity for residents and visitors alike. The town is home to the world’s longest pier at nearly 1.5 miles, enviable sandy beaches and all the fun of the fair at Adventure Island,...

Arts and Culture in Southend

High fashion, affluent twenty-somethings, and Frank Lampard. Chelsea conjures up a fair The expansive beach isn't the only reason to visit Southend. This classic seaside town has enough museums and galleries to keep even the most discerning of culture buffs...

8 great things to do in Southend

strong>From sandy beaches to thrilling roller coasters, there are plenty of things to do in Southend.  Got a free weekend? Why not head to one of these attractions?  Take a stroll on the world's longest pleasure pier It's the most recognisable landmark in Southend....

Best Cheap Eats in Southend

Looking for cheap eats in Southend? Fill up for under a tenner at these fantastic local restaurants and cafes:  Channy's Kitchen Greasy spoon meets Pan-Asian cuisine at this buzzing Southend cafe. Head on over in the morning and you can tuck into a hearty full...

Classic Cocktails in Southend

Southend-on-Sea, home of the longest pleasure pier in the world, also happens to be home to a decent cocktail bar or two. Next time you're heading out for a Friday drink, head to one of these swanky spots for some tasty beverages and some of the best cocktails in...

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