In The Area: Chester Zoo & Blue Planet Aquarium

Nov 27, 2017

Chester Zoo is home to over 21,000 endangered and exotic animals spread across 125 acres of stunning parkland and beautifully landscaped enclosures.

Consistetnly rated the UK’s no. 1 zoo, and the third best on the planet (according to TripAdvisor), the expansive animal adventure is one of the nation’s premier tourist attractions and a world leader in animal conservation and education.

From Asian elephants and black rhinos to orang-utans and jaguars, the Zoo is packed with headliner species, as well as plenty of other interesting creatures and critters.


Explore the Zoo at your leisure, join one of the informative tours and hands-on experiences or enjoy the daily animal talks to make the most of your time at this wonderful site.

Set aside a full day for any Zoo visit. If you’re serious about animals you’re probably better served swinging by outside of the school holidays to avoid the crowds.

Blue Planet Aquarium

Located close to nearby Ellesmere Port, Blue Planet Aquarium is one of the nation’s largest exhibitions of sea-life in the UK.

Get up close and personal with huge sand-tiger sharks, otters and a whole host of colourful characters in the Aquarium’s stunning collection of expansive underwater displays.

Gaze up as sharks and rays glide overhead in the 70m long underwater tunnel, or marvel at the vibrancy of the Coral Reef Tank.

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