New Watford Market

Jan 9, 2017

From dress altering to haircuts, fresh falafels to hearty bacon butties; Watford Market is a hive of activity where there is bound to be a seller to suit all needs. 

Not surprising, as it’s the birthplace of the town.

A Market first appeared in this area during the 12th century, with a few local entrepreneurs hawking their wares and selling produce on a weekly basis.

A roving success, other salesmen and traders flocked to the area offering all manner of services and sundries, all keen to get in on the action.

As the Market grew into a more permanent fixture, so to did the populace. The Church of St Mary’s was erected and other buildings soon followed suit.

Around the central hub of the bustling market, so grew the town of Watford.

The local market is still present today. Though its wares and wonders have changed over the years, it still retains an important function within the town and is packed with trendy independents, great grub and useful services.

Getting grub at New Watford Market

Sushi No Mai

This market spot brings Japanese grub to the streets of Watford. You’ll find all your traditional Japanese fare here, from sushi and sashimi to ramen and curries.

Hidden off the high street in amongst the food courts of Watford’s New Market, the popular Sushi No Mai is always bustling with hungry patrons.

Healthy, delicious and reasonably priced.


Mum’s Kitchen

Mum’s Kitchen aims to bring flavours of Portuguese family life to the streets of Watford.

Traditional tastes are aplenty, with fish fillet sandwiches and grilled chicken Bifano de Frango.

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Roti Pan Caribbean Cuisine

Tucked away in the New Market is one of the best grub spots in town. Each flatbread Roti is loaded with the great flavours of the Caribbean, from sweet jerk chicken to traditional curried goat.

Hearty, wholesome and certainly flavoursome – Roti Pan is one a standout star in the Market’s offering.

Browsing the goods

Great grub isn’t the only thing to be found on the stalls, with plenty of places to browse the latest fashions, arts and crafts and fresh produce.

Swing by Earth Spirit to pick through their wonderful handmade goods, or join one of their engaging meditation classes.

Or maybe you’d like to flex your own creative muscles? Head on over to The Fabric Box and pick up the materials to do so.

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