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Feb 9, 2017

Lover of the arts? Watford is packed with choices for you to sate your cultural spirit with.

An extensive programme of events can be found in venues across the town centre, including gigs, theatre, visual arts, comedy, concerts and family shows.

Watford Colosseum

Though it may sound like Watford’s version of a Roman gladiator arena, you’re more likely to catch the latest hit shows and tours at the Colosseum.

With 1392 seats, this city centre venue attracts the nation’s top comedians and performers, as well as offering a healthy range of tribute acts, dance and children’s entertainment.

The Colosseum has also been used to record soundtracks for some of the most successful films in cinema, including The Lord of the Rings series and The Sound of Music.

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Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre is the stage to catch the latest shows before they make the West End.

You’ll find an extensive programme to suit all demands a the Palace, from top comedians and ballet to Shakespeare and film festivals.

First opened in 1908, the 600-seater Edwardian theatre has been producing its own performances for over a century, and remains one of the town’s most popular venues.

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The Pump House

The Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre, unsurprisingly, occupies an old pumping station close to the town centre.

Inside, you’ll find a 124-seat theatre and live music venue, with this intimate spot showcasing regular dance and comedy performances.

A rich, community club scene is alive and well at the Pump House with plenty of youth and adult theatre groups to get involved in.


Watford Museum

Explore the history of Watford in this former brewery building full of memorabilia and archives of life in the town over the years.

Delve into the history of “The Hornets” Watford FC, or browse the heritage of the impressive Cassiobury Estate.

Alongside the collection of Watford, artefacts is a broad range of artworks by leading UK artists including J.M.W. Turner, William Blake and Jacob Epstein.

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