Where to Shop in Maidenhead

Feb 27, 2018

Shopping in Maidenhead is centred around the popular Nicholsons Shopping Centre and the main High Street, where over 60 brand favourites and established chains can be found.

You’ll also find a variety of independents and charming boutiques scattered throughout the town. From handmade crafts to Polish delicacies, there is much to spice up your shopping trip with these hidden gems.

Be sure to visit Craft Coop, a celebration of local artists and craftspeople, showcasing items from over 150 local sellers. You’ll find all sorts of oddities and curiosities there, from handmade jewels to decorative furniture.

This chic store is as much an exhibition space for local talent as it is an inventive craft store. If you are after something quirky, Thames Antiques and Vintage on Market Street is a treasure trove of delights.


Or perhaps pop into the Maidenhead Heritage Shop and explore the range of gifts showcasing the town’s rich history.

Those looking for fresh produce need only swing by one of Maidenhead’s regular Farmers’ markets. Maidenhead boasts a monthly Farmers’ Market and weekly produce market as well as regular speciality markets including Shabbytique and Street Food.

Click here for a full list of Maidenhead’s shopping options.


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