Guide to Manchester’s Christmas Markets

Dec 10, 2017

Streets lined with traditional chalets selling all manner of arts and crafts, alongside heaps of sweet treats that fill the air with the scent of Christmas; there is nothing more festive than Manchester‘s iconic German-style markets.

Step into a winder wonderland of Yuletide gifts and frosty cheer in the heart of the Northern city. And be sure to tuck into some traditional stollen and a glass of gluhwein as you explore the popular shopping destination.

Albert Square is the largest, with sellers from across Europe flocking to showcase their produce at the world-famous spot.

Be sure to get a photo with the giant, illuminated Santa that watches over the festive proceedings, and tuck into some traditional strudels and roasted hog as you explore.


Carry on the festivities at the traditional German market in St. Ann’s Square. Manchester’s original German-style market, this small venue is a favourite with traders from Frankfurt, the origin of the festive marketplace.

Or if you have little ones in tow, swing by Cathedral Gardens and enjoy the traditional fairground rides and ice rink.

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