Super Street Food Vendors in Windsor

Mar 28, 2018

Take a break from sightseeing around the Castle and refuel at some of these delicious pit-stops for street food in Windsor:

Peru Sabor

Making their way around Berkshire, Peru Sabor are a delicious taste of South America in southern England.

Translating as Peru Flavour, this little pop-up blends locally sourced ingredients with the spice and tang of Peruvian cuisine.

Find them on the move: (perusabor)

Ramsey’s Grill

Holy Land of the 1AM crowd, Ramsey’s Grill may appear to be your standard kebab takeaway, and that’s because it is.

However, don’t let the typical exterior detract from your taste experience. This is some of the best shawarma in town.

Hefty portion at a reasonable price too, which is just what you want when rocking up in the wee-hours.

40A Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1PR (nosite)

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Tuck into some delicious sushi at this Far Asian pit-stop. Kokoro brings the best of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine to the streets of Windsor, with lots of excellent grub, ranging from noodle dishes to Korean BBQ.

11 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DT (kokorouk)

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